Author, Innovator, Networker, Organizer

My Creative Playground

Now that I am happily 'retired' I have time for interesting, challenging, exciting creative pursuits. Since most of them involve at least some connection with the Internet, the name 'Netscapades' (escapades on the 'Net) works.

New book: Why Men Made God

My most exciting current project is co-authoring a non-fiction book entitled Why Men Made God, scheduled for release in June, 2015. It will have a companion website (currently in development) containing pictures and extra information to enhance the reading experience.

NonCon 2015: Non-believer Conference

Talk about networking opportunities! Lawrence Krauss will be our keynote speaker, along with an impressive list of other presenters. Mark your calendar for August 22, 2015, and get your tickets now!

Current projects

Co-author, Why Men Made God
Co-organizer, The Non-believer Conference, 2015
Co-founder, Grand River Secular Alliance
Board Member, World Pantheist Movement
Co-founder + President, Sacred Secular Sanctuary
Humanist speaker, World Religions Conference 2014
Member, Interfaith Grand River, since 2001
Entrepreneur, PartyClip, since 1995
Peregrina, El Camino, 2007 (planning web site)

Add to this the joys of three kids and six wonderful grandchildren, a network of amazing women friends and 'chosen sisters', and ongoing exploration of the world and big ideas with my life partner, Forbes, and life is good!
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